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BK Meditation|How to Meditate?

How to meditate?

The Meditation is performed sitting in the group and concentrating and meditating the “Supreme Soul”. They say the soul resides in the forehead and a point of bright positive energy. Generally, the meditation is performed while closed eyes but the brahma kumaris meditate with open eyes so that they can hold the meditation state anywhere, any time while performing day to day activities.

Bk Shivani morning meditation
Brahma kumari Shivani share some great thoughts about meditation. She explain each and every merits about meditation.

One can listen to the brahma kumari meditation song to make meditation state more fascinating. There is no time limitations one can meditate for 5 minutes and also for longer time it depends on him/her.
Meditating regularly can make a noticeable shift in the state of mind and the heart.

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