BK Shivani Quotes

BK Shivani Quotes

Brahma Kumari positive thinking and thoughts

Brahma kumari Shivani is known for sharing mesmerizing thoughts about the god which has changed the life of many peoples .

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She has a glowing face which shows that she is blessed by God. BK Shivani spend more of her time meditating the “Supreme Soul”.

Also spreading the knowledge (Gyan) to the people. She believe that recognizing the internal peace makes a profound shift in the state of mind and heart.

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                     When ‘i’ is replaced by ‘we’ even the ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

Bk Shivani quotes in English

Spend a day without bothering about what other think or do. Half of you problems will be solved automatically.

Meditation by BK Shivani in hindi

      No one is responsible for my hurt,pain,fear or anger.It is my own creation in         response to their behaviour and i have another choice.The choice to be happy.

Bk shivani commentry

        Don’t get upset with little problem because life is like a road and problems              are like speed breakers They save us from accidents.

Believe in yourself and every thing is going to be absolutely fine.


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